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Wednesday, 14 November 2007




MKWM said...

You must have noticed I can't help asking too many questions, so here I am again... How do we know this rather handsome man is a musician and what is his favourite instrument?

Daphne Wayne-Bough, said...

Greg Rusedski.

Che said...

Heh, no problem Minky, nice to see someone is interested :+)
He's a musician 'cos I says so
(advantage of the artist - you get to play god, in all his glorious arrogance) and I would guess he plays the cello or something similarily up-market.

Rusedski plays another stringed instrument altogether, although the similarities are striking. Actually, for all I know it IS Rusedski..

MKWM said...

Absolutely right, I'm also playing god, in all his glorious arroblogance. Am busy with some extreme makeover at the moment, was just checking if the new link still leads chez you. Will have a close look at the new portrait as well.

He had no stinged instrument on the pics I found on the internet but it IS him. Bravo, Ché :+)

Anonymous said...


Matériel qu'il utilise:un club de golf,mais seulement pour effrayer ses voisins " dixit..."

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