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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Tippler ?

Pencil, paperDaphne thinks this looks like Tippler. Not so sure myself.


Tom Joad said...

Apart from the dodgy ponytail, it does! Mind you, I can remember the day when he sported one of those, too...

Drama Queen said...

Nah you can see this guys chin. Mah hahahah!

Ché l'écossais said...


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That's my arse covered.

Daphne Wayne-Bough, said...

Of course it's him! You can almost hear him muttering "17 across, 14 letters ..."

That ponytail had to go. Some guys can wear 'em, some can't. Stephen Seagal never looked right with his. Goth's on the other hand looks good. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Do not listen to mockery!
The caricaturist makes that it "wishes" non mais !
En attendant il me semble ( c'est un avis perso )que les bruxellois font souvent la queue !

"A... A... A... A la queue leu leu"

Cream said...

I like your caricatures, Ché.

If Daphnée says it's Tippler, then who are you to argue with her?

Ché l'écossais said...

Thanks, Cream.
I like your photies, but haven't seen any of your own graphic art for a while.
Been too busy ?

And of course you're right - arguing with Daphne is a non-starter - resistance is useless, as the Vogon saying goes.

Daphne Wayne-Bough, said...

Hm, does that explain my liking for the colour yellow?

Cream said...

Being an artiste yourself you must know that one needs inspiration as well as perspiration to produce.
I just need to sit down a little longer in front of the telly with my laptop and Wacom tablet.

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