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Tuesday, 2 March 2010


It's just me admiring myself.

With Photoshop.

I did try to embeautify, but there was a bug...

(I'm not embeautifiable).

I got a very irrate, not to say outright rude, letter from A. Schmuck of the Schmuck, Vetburger and Frietjes cabinet of lawyers delivered today.
Acting on behalf of a "Disnae Wine Buff", they complained that I failed to credit the above photo.
Somehow they worked out that I didn't take it myself.
Clever people, these ambulance-chasers. And very hungry.

So, the above photograph is copyright "Dafney Van Gogh" 2010, in all dominions of the King and beyond. Even, but not limited to, the ends of the earth.
The creative commons license does not apply.


Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

What's your left hand doing?

savannah said...

that's why i use photobooth for my closeups, mr. demille! xoxoxo

(cool pic, sugar!)

Kim Ayres said...

Although I've never seen you before, oddly you look more or less like I imagined. Which is really weird, because I've never met anyone who looked like I imagined...

Gadjo Dilo said...

Oh you gorgeous, gorgeous man. Unlike Kim, I had imagined Rab C. Nesbit's younger brother ;-)

Ché l'écossais said...

Daffers - my left hand is stroking my pen...tool.

Savannah - Photobooth, huh ?
They have a Windows version ?
If it has a "make me look like Brad Pitt" function, I'm sold.

Kim - you imagined a scruffy wee rat-faced radge with a silly jumper ?
Gee thanks. ;+P

Gadjo - hey, c'moan, Rab C. Nesbitt's younger brother ?
I'm hardly that handsome.
But thanks for the compliment.

savannah said...

photobooth for windows anything else, sugar? xoxo

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Oh no does this mean we have to get a webcam?

Anonymous said...

Bonjour !!!! Le monde !?

La question est " Comment faire fleurir des narcisses en appartement ? "

Je constate que tu as La même imprimante que moi ! Hp psc 13....Le même pull !!! le même écran !!!

Suis-je narcissique ou mégalo ??

Je t'adresse ma plus grande amitié !!!!!

Ché l'écossais said...

Savannah - thanks, gel. I'll check it out.
No more pressing needs for the moment, but I won't fail to pester you in the future, as needs be ;+P

Daphne - not on my watch. I'm paranoid enough as it is.

Crabbers - salut toi ! J'ai eu peur un moment que tu nous ait laisser tomber !
C'est un signe classique d'intelligence superieure quand deux personnes choissisent le meme pull, imprimante ou ecran.
C'est ce qu'on dit chez nous en tout cas - "great minds think alike".
J'opterais plutot pour "megalo", dans ton cas, car"narcissique" ca fait petit et nul. ;+)

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

It's "law firm" not "cabinet of lawyers" in English. Thank you for the credit.
Daafne van Leibowitz

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Les droits d'auteur !! C'est de cela qu'il est question ???????

Ça me gonfle !!

Un exemple : Je fais du scrap et je pratique des échanges ( toujours dans le même sens , je fournis mais ...? ) , j'ai "donné" des kits ( fichiers PGN ) "signé" , Il m'a été signalé que je n'avais plus aucun droit de les utiliser ...Sic !!!!

J'en déduit que les droits d'auteur ( d'hauteur ) , c'est comme le saut à l'élastique ... fluc...tuant !!!

J'aime bien ton pull !!

A propos de ta main de ta plume , fait gaffe !! Ces petites choses parfois crachent !!

Gadjo , a du goût , s'il te dit que tu est beau c'est que c'est vrai !

Pat said...

You would think you could use your own photo on your own blog. I'd like a better look at the face. Do you always have a sprutty bit of hair at the back that sticks up? That's quite endearing.

Ché l'écossais said...

Daphne - the check is in the post.

(I'll be emptying the letterbox for the next week or so...)

And I'll think you'll find that with a cheap hacksaw, you can put a fair amount of lawyers in your average-sized cabinet.

Crabbers - l'IGN ?
C'est tes impots qui financent, ca
t'appartiens deja. T'es actionnaire, merdum.

S'en fout des "droits".
T'as vu comment ils ont detourne le sens de "droits" ?

Merci, j'aime bien mon pull aussi. Il me va. Faut juste que je fasse gaffe a pas le tacher avec mon pen.. truc-a-plumes.

Gadjo est un menteur invetere. C'est bien connu.

Pat - sprutty ?? Sounds kind of Dutch.
Klik op de foto voor een beter versie.
I'm a kind of "Oor Wullie" type character. Very knotty.

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