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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Pretend surprised.

Wrapping paper, acrylics and varnish.
(The varnish darkens the paper, and brings out the white. It's a magical process)

I got a lot of mileage out of that piece of wrapping paper.


Jimmy Bastard said...

If I had but one grain of your artistic skill, I would be a happy man.


scarlet-blue said...

Oh, it's like a face coming out of a wall...

Kim Ayres said...

Maybe you should publish online workshops :)

Anonymous said...

Captivating !! Seizing !! Astounding !!


A small official exploited by his professional entourage, goes counts that it is able to pass through the walls. On the counsels of his friend, it uses his strength to avenge itself of its butchers. But that complicate when it falls in love...!
You would be this garou-garou !?

ça m'épate,ça m'épate mieux que Panzani,Zapetti et tutti quanti ! Ça m'épate toujours !

problemchildbride said...

Fantastic, Che! He looms.

savannah said...

well done! xoxo

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