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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Washing clothes.

This is how I do it - no, really : I wash most of my stuff by hand.
Got into the habit when I was living in a kind-of squat, it has a nice zen vibe to it.


Kim Ayres said...

I never tire of having someone else do it for me...

savannah said...

i spent far too much money on my washer and dryer not to use them as often as possible, sugar! ;) xooxo

Scarlet-Blue said...

But did you use Persil or Bold 2in1?

PI said...

A fellow blogger - Eryl- persuaded me that even with delicates hand washing isn't necessary now and she has been proved right . Hooray.
I love the picture and the stance but I would have to either get down on my knees or raise the bowl. Think of your back.

Anonymous said...

N'empêche, qu'à la retraite de Russie, c'est les mecs à la traîne qui faisaient la lessive ,ils se sont fait repasser.

Joliet Jake said...

I am also worried about her back, must be my age

Ché l'écossais said...

Sorry everyone, I've been away a week evangelising the heathen hordes in the East.
Turns out they're more Catholic than me...what a waste of time.

Kim - it's 0.75 € a kilo, soap and delivery extra.

Savannah - I'll keep your utility bills lower, and I don't need maintenance.

Scarlet - Marseilles soap - okay, so it smells of soap, but at least it's authentic.

PI - there's a whole difference between necessary and desirable.
I usually get down on my knees to do the washing - it's better for your back and gives you that priceless "humble dogsbody" aura.

Crabbers - c'est sur, ca leur apprendra a tout nettoyer au feu en partant.

Jake - she's young and lithe, like we once were. The wheel turns, though.

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Of course if I bought a washing machine your ethics would go straight out the window. Just don't hang your long johns in the garden, please.

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